Ambassador Program

The AutoFlosser Ambassador Program
Be A Part Of The Revolution!

Our Mission

With decades of experience in the dental field, we have seen the critical role that regular flossing plays in patients’ ability to enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health.

The AutoFlosser was developed to restore the benefits of flossing for people who cannot floss via traditional methods, due to the presence of solid or connected dental appliances such as implants, bridges, braces and bonded retainers.

Our product is a revolutionary new development in dental technology. There is no device on the market today that even comes close to solving the problem that patients experience while trying to floss with solid or connected appliances.

We are looking for enthusiastic, positive people who want to become AutoFlosser Ambassadors and share this amazing dental hygiene product with their patients, family, friends, followers and others.

Dental Office Team Members

Everyone in the dental office can become an AutoFlosser Ambassador! Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, dental assistant or any member of the administrative staff, you can join our growing team of professionals who enthusiastically use The AutoFlosser and recommend it to your own patients. We are offering many exciting incentives to dental office team members, including rewards and reduced cost units to be used as demonstration models with your patients.  

Click here to apply for The AutoFlosser Ambassador Program for Dental Office Team Members. 

Consumer Ambassadors/Influencers
As a Consumer AutoFlosser Ambassador/Influencer, you will play an important part in helping friends, family, followers and other connections know about the amazing benefits that this revolutionary flossing device brings to people who have solid or connected appliances and cannot floss their teeth in the traditional fashion.

Earn rewards when you successfully recommend others to purchase The AutoFlosser. Invite coworkers, friends and family to the program and you will make money on their sales as well. Ultimately, you will feel great about educating people about the enormous advantages that The AutoFlosser brings to enjoying a lifetime of good dental health.  

Click here to apply for The AutoFlosser Ambassador Program for Consumer Ambassadors/Influencers.