What is The AutoFlosser?

The AutoFlosser is a revolution in the field of oral hygiene. Built specifically for people who cannot floss in the traditional way due to the use of a solid dental appliance, such as a bridge, implants, braces or a fixed retainer, The AutoFlosser is a beautifully designed and easy to use device that allows users to enjoy again all of the benefits that regular flossing can bring to good dental health.

How do I use The AutoFlosser?

It’s easy! Simply insert The AutoFlosser floss into the unit and use the wheel to lead it through the device. Then point the soft, rubber tip at the exact place in your mouth where you want to floss and gently turn the wheel again to guide the floss through the space.

How do I clean The AutoFlosser?

The AutoFlosser is super easy to clean and maintain for years of dependable service. The various components that make up the device can be dissembled for cleaning and put back together in just a few minutes.

What happens if the floss gets stuck in The AutoFlosser?

Simply take apart The AutoFlosser and remove the stuck floss from the inside.

Can I use any kind of dental floss with The AutoFlosser?

No, The AutoFlosser FLOSS has been specifically designed to work best with your device.

Does The AutoFlosser come in different colors?

Stay tuned! The AutoFlosser will be available in different colors in the future. For now, you will love its attractive light blue color scheme.

Can I get replacement tips for my AutoFlosser?

Yes, replacement tips will soon be available on our website.

Is The AutoFlosser good with braces?

Yes! The AutoFlosser was specifically designed for dental appliances like braces.

Will The AutoFlosser work with bridges?

Yes! The AutoFlosser is ideal for people with bridges.

How well does The AutoFlosser work with fixed retainers?

The AutoFlosser makes flossing a breeze for people who have fixed retainers.

Is flossing better than using a water irrigation machine?

With over 25 years of experience as a practicing periodontist, Dr. Jackson is convinced that physically removing plaque and debris via flossing is much more effective and beneficial for good oral hygiene than using a water jet device.

Where can I get replacement floss for my AutoFlosser?

Replacement floss is available right here on our website. Click here to buy floss as needed or enroll in our subscribe and save replenishment program. 

How can I make The AutoFlosser even easier to use with my implant bridge dental appliance?

Your dentist can arrange for an extremely small orienting notch to be made along the gum line of your dental appliance that will allow the tip of The AutoFlosser to seamlessly guide the floss under your teeth. This notch is not detectable, but will be a great help in receiving the greatest amount of benefit from this revolutionary device.

Click here for a PDF document that describes in detail how the notch can be created. If you are a patient, bring this information to your dentist. Dental professionals can also use the document for additional guidance.

Can I pause the auto ship program if I need to?

Absolutely! You can stop the auto ship program anytime and start it up again when it suits your needs.